By Negar Niazi


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1.  The Prince And The Village Girl

Thousands of years ago, there was a kingdom ruled by a handsome young prince. He was famous for his kindness and for the generosity of his fortune and spirit. One day the young prince decided to go hunting with a group of his friends. They rode on their horses to distant places, passing through many remote villages. As they were passing through one village, the prince saw a village girl whose beauty was unmatched. He fell in love with her instantly and invited her to his palace. The girl, overwhelmed by the majesty of the prince, agreed.

However, shortly thereafter, the girl fell terribly ill. The prince was heartbroken and called for the best medicine men from all over the kingdom. He promised big fortunes as the reward for the one who would cure his beloved. Each medicine man promised that he had the girl’s cure. Each one claimed mastery of his craft but without any mention of the divine power. Even though each one tried very hard, they all failed terribly. Mysteriously, all their medicines produced the opposite effect of what they were designed to do. The girl continued to get worse.