Rumi’s Fables comes alive with colorful characters—the sage king, the clever clown, and the bewitched prince—and many talking animals—the wise lion, the cunning fox, and the arrogant mouse. Each tale can be read as a simple bedtime story or as a profound and thought-provoking group discussion. At the end of each story there is a “contemplation box” to make the experience more interactive. There is also a summary of the moral of each story. These stories are reminiscent of the style of Aesop’s fables. Readers, young or old, will find themselves in a land of mystery and myth that can transcend an ordinary or even a difficult life. These fables, with their deep and soulful content, communicate a personalized message to the reader.

By Negar Niazi

About Rumi's Fables

Rumi’s Fables is a collection of Rumi’s forty-three most magical and charming short stories that will entertain and educate the whole family. Rumi, the great poet and philosopher of the thirteenth century, has become, as talk show host Bill Moyers said on his television program, “the most popular poet in America.” The United Nations called the year 2007 “the year of Rumi” to honor the 800 th anniversary of his birth. Rumi’s work has been translated into more than twenty-five languages and is being presented in a growing number of media, including workshops, music festivals, dance performances, and other creative outlets.

In this book, Rumi’s Fables, over 25,000 lines from the Masnavi, Rumi’s original Persian books, have been translated from Farsi into English. Although Masnavi is a book of devotional poetry, there are many whimsical stories thriving inside the poems. In this collection of short stories the author has hand-picked the most fascinating fables to entertain and challenge younger readers.

"When you are with children, talk about toys,

From playthings, little by little, they reach

into deeper wisdom and clarity.

Children have a sense of wholeness in them already."